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Evolution of the Radiation Therapist: Advanced Practice

The Therapeutic Radiographer/Radiation Therapist (RTT) is the professional with direct responsibility for treatment planning and treatment delivery in a safe environment as well as patient care, follow-up, and research. 

September Series: Evidencing the Future – Prostate Radiotherapy Advances for Routine Practice

In September, during prostate cancer awareness month, the Accuray Exchange is hosting a special webinar series to highlight the growing evidence and advances in prostate Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and hypofractionated treatments using CyberKnife®️, TomoTherapy®️ and Radixact®️ Systems.  In this series you will hear from leading experts from the field of prostate radiation oncology, sharing their […]

CyberKnife® System Commissioning

Join Medical Physicist Jun Yang, Ph.D., DABR from Radiation Physics Solutions, United States and JunXin Oncology Group, China as he shares his experience in the commissioning of the CyberKnife® Treatment Delivery System.

Introduction of Real-Time Motion Synchronization Technology on the Radixact® System

Stereotactic radiotherapy for lung cancer has seen an increase in the number of cases treated, especially in elderly patients. In addition, the indication for stereotactic body radiotherapy(SBRT) for oligometastatic cases is rapidly expanding, as well as an increasing number of SBRT treatments in the abdominal region. For SBRT in the abdominal region and lower lung field, measures against the respiratory motion are important. Synchrony® is a technology that enables tracking and irradiation of moving targets. It is expected to guarantee the dose to the moving tumor and reduce the irradiation volume of normal tissues. However, to provide safe and reliable treatment, it is necessary to understand the Synchrony mechanism and its characteristics.

The Fusion Experience Launch Event

Powerful synergies lead to meaningful innovations. As we work to improve patient outcomes, Accuray and Brainlab partner to enable the stereotactic radiosurgery community to leverage the precision of Accuray CyberKnife® treatment delivery system in combination with Brainlab Elements planning software.

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