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MyAccuray: Implementing ClearRT™ for the Radixact® System

September 9, 2021

Dr. Lane Rosen at Willis-Knighton Cancer Center will share his insights and clinical experience of using ClearRT, Accuray fully integrated, diagnostic-like fan-beam kVCT imaging for the Radixact® System. 

Lane R. Rosen, M.D.

Lane R. Rosen, M.D. FACRO, board-certified radiation oncologist and Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Willis-Knighton Health System, Shreveport, Louisiana

Dr. Rosen is a board-certified radiation oncologist and Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Willis-Knighton Health System. He has been at the helm since 1997 and has overseen the department’s transformation to an international leader in advanced cancer care technology.
Dr. Rosen attended LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport with a residency in Radiation Oncology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he served as Chief Resident.

With the support of his excellent team at Willis-Knighton in Shreveport, Louisiana, the department has pioneered several radiotherapy technologies. Dr Rosen was the first physician to deliver TomoTherapy SBRT as well as Image-Guided Intensity Modulated Proton therapy on a commercial compact proton unit. Dr Rosen practices full-time at Willis-Knighton but is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Radiology at LSU Medical School in Shreveport and an Adjunct Instructor of Radiation Oncology at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. He and his group have welcomed international visitors interested in Proton Therapy, TomoTherapy, and Brachytherapy.

Madhavi Kapa

Madhavi Kapa, Senior Director of Product Strategy, Accuray Incorporated

Madhavi Kapa is the Senior Director of Product Strategy at Accuray Incorporated, responsible for Radixact/TomoTherapy product portfolio. She has knowledge of multiple medical technologies in diagnosis and treatment along with extensive healthcare business experience in product management, roadmap planning, product creation and launch. Prior to joining Accuray, she has over 15 years of experience with Philips, leading Radiation Oncology Simulation and Treatment planning applications and working on advanced visualization and PACS solutions. Madhavi has been with Accuray for about 4 years and leads the product strategy for Accuray’s helical treatment delivery solutions.

Philippe Degreze

Moderated by: Philippe Degreze, VP Downstream Marketing & Communication Channels, Accuray Incorporated

Philippe Degreze has a PhD in biomathematics and modelisation. From his first experience as engineer in a University Hospital to his career at GE Healthcare, and then at Accuray, Philippe always worked to commercialize high-tech products for the benefits of patients. From his career in imaging and in magnetic resonance at GE Healthcare to radiation therapy Philippe was involved in sales, product management and is currently leading the global downstream marketing effort of Accuray.

Important Safety Information: Most side effects of radiotherapy, including radiotherapy delivered with Accuray systems, are mild and temporary, often involving fatigue, nausea, and skin irritation. Side effects can be severe, however, leading to pain, alterations in normal body functions (for example, urinary or salivary function), deterioration of quality of life, permanent injury and even death. Side effects can occur during or shortly after radiation treatment or in the months and years following radiation. The nature and severity of side effects depend on many factors, including the size and location of the treated tumor, the treatment technique (for example, the radiation dose), the patient’s general medical condition, to name a few. For more details about the side effects of your radiation therapy, and to see if treatment with an Accuray product is right for you, ask your doctor.