Start: Jul 30, 2017
End: Aug 02, 2017

Denver, CO

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CyberKnife / Commissioning and Quality Assurance
Comprehensive Daily QA: A Comparison Between CyberKnife® and Linac Techniques
Jacob Gersh, PhD, DABR | Gibbs Cancer Center and Research Institute, Spartanburg, SC
TomoTherapy/Radixact / Treatment Delivery
The Radixact™ Experience at Miami Cancer Institute
Tino Romaguera, D.Sc. | Miami Cancer Institute, Miami
CyberKnife / Treatment Planning
Treatment Planning for the CyberKnife® InCise™ MultiLeaf Collimator: A Literature Review
Lisa Goggin, PhD, DABR | Accuray Incorporated
TomoTherapy/Radixact / Adaptive Radiotherapy
Adaptive Replanning and Delivery Verification with PreciseART™ on Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System
X. Allen Li, PhD, DABMP, FAAPM | Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
CyberKnife / Other Physics
Targeting Accuracy and Radiosurgical Dose Tolerance
Jimm Grimm, PhD, DABR | Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
TomoTherapy/Radixact / Breast
Tips and Tricks for Breast Treatment Planning
Nancy Schauer, CMD | Accuray Incorporated