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TomoTherapy Lung
Treatment outcomes and patterns of radiologic appearance after hypofractionated image-guided radiotherapy delivered with helical tomotherapy (HHT) for lung tumours.
Arcangeli S, Falcinelli L, Bracci S, Greco A, Monaco A, Dognini J, Chiostrini C, Bellavita R, Aristei C, Donato V, The British journal of radiology 2017; 90:20160853
TomoTherapy Breast
TomoTherapy Dosimetry
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy using two static ports of tomotherapy for breast cancer after conservative surgery: dosimetric comparison with other treatment methods and 3-year clinical results.
Nagai A, Shibamoto Y, Yoshida M, Inoda K, Kikuchi Y, Journal of radiation research 2017:1-8
CyberKnife Intracranial
Hypofractionated stereotactic radiosurgery: a new treatment strategy for giant cavernous sinus hemangiomas.
Wang X, Zhu H, Knisely J, Mei G, Liu X, Dai J, Mao Y, Pan L, Qin Z, Wang E, Journal of neurosurgery 2017:1-8