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Wellpoint Anthem Updates SRS/SBRT Policy to Cover Prostate Cancer Effective July 15 , 2014 early stage prostate cancer patients insured by Wellpoint Anthem will now have access to SRS/SBRT . Wellpoint Anthem is the second largest commercial payer in the United States and insures approximately 30 million lives . This payer is currently licensed to market health insurance plans in the following states/territories:

  • California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and portions of Virginia and Missouri.

Notable excerpts from the policy include :
The hypofraction ation associated with SBRT shortens the treatment time to five visits, compared to the seven to nine weeks required for IMRT. This shortened treatment time is an aspect appreciated by individuals.

While there have been no controlled studies directly comparing SBRT and alternative techniques of conformal therapy (for example IMRT) many prospective case series and retrospective cohort studies of subjects with localized low - risk prostate cancer and pro longed life expectancies have consistently reported that SBRT is associated with an acceptable toxicity profile and tumor control that is comparable to other radiation techniques.

The authors [of the 2013 1,100 patient pooled analysis published from 8 inst itutions] c oncluded that PSA relapse - free survival rates after SBRT compare favorably with other definitive treatments for low - and intermediate - risk individuals and that the current evidence supports consideration of SBRT among the therapeutic options for these individuals.