There are only two months left to prepare and submit your article to the Exceptional Responders in Breast Cancer case report publishing competition!

We are seeking challenging breast cancer cases where patients exhibited unexpected or exceptional responses (positive or negative) to a therapy or diagnostic approach.

  • Requirements: We are particularly interested in the diagnostic and/or treatment options you considered, your clinical/scientific rationale for selecting the diagnosis, treatment or patient recommendations, and the patient outcome.​
  • Recognition: To ensure your work receives the exposure it deserves, all published articles will be indexed in PubMed Central and distributed to large communities of related medical specialists around the globe.
  • Awards: A $3,000 prize will be awarded to the authors of the published article that receives the highest Cureus SIQ (Scholarly Impact Quotient) score.
  • Key Dates:
    • Wednesday, May 24, 2017: Deadline for draft article submissions
    • Wednesday, July 18, 2017: Winning articles announced

Program administration has been enabled through the financial support of Targeted Medical Education (TME). Article selection, editorial review, peer review, publication, and competition winner determination are strictly independent of the sponsor.​

Join the community of clinicians entering the competition today – use the button below to get started. Thank you and good luck!

- The Cureus Team