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TomoTherapy GI
Tomotherapy as an adjuvant treatment for gastroesophageal junction and stomach cancer may reduce bowel and bone marrow toxicity compared to intensity-modulated radiotherapy and volumetric-modulated arc therapy.
Wang X, Tian Y, Tang Y, Hu ZH, Zhang JJ, Fu GS, Ma P, Ren H, Zhang T, Li N, Liu WY, Fang H, Li YX, Jin J, Oncotarget 2017
CyberKnife Spine
Image-guided stereotactic radiosurgery for treatment of spinal hemangioblastoma.
Pan J, Ho AL, D'Astous M, Sussman ES, Thompson PA, Tayag AT, Pangilinan L, Soltys SG, Gibbs IC, Chang SD, Neurosurgical focus 2017; 42:E12
TomoTherapy Breast
Estimation of the risk of secondary malignancy arising from whole-breast irradiation: comparison of five radiotherapy modalities, including TomoHDA.
Han EY, Paudel N, Sung J, Yoon M, Chung WK, Kim DW, Oncotarget 2016